transformers the game download for pc

transformers the game download for pc – hello, everyone in this post I will give you the video tutorial for downloading Transformer the game so that you can easily download Transformer the game for PC means for laptop and for a desktop. Transformer the game is a game which is developed in June 2007 for these all platforms PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii and . the compressed size of this game is only 158 MB for PC and if you want to  download the full version of the Transformer the game then search on Google, YouTube 🙂 .Watch the tutorial for getting the download link of the Transformers game free-  transformers the game download for pc or laptop if you are interested Go now.

transformers the game download

In this game, you can transform the car into a robot and vice versa means there are a lot of robots are present in the game. All the robots have some weapons like a light weapon, a heavy weapon, a melee attack and robots have some ability to throw objects such as cars, trees lamp posts, wheel, a poster of shops etc.

transformers the game download for pc 

robots can transform from car to robot and from robot to car so if you want to drive the car just transform the robot into the car and just drive. there are some missions in which you need to complete the mission within a time limit. the target of missions are only related to killing the enemy and it is open world game due to this you can play the game inside the whole city in the game as well as you can also complete missions while playing the game.

transformers the game download for pc

there are many platforms in which you can play Transformers game .the name of that platforms are – PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3.the best resolution is in Xbox 360 when we compare with other platforms like PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii but in Wii has less resolution than pc also. Now transformers the game download for pc in 158 MB by watching the video guide only.


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what is the minimum system requirements for playing transformers the game in pc

MINIMUM RAM IN PC  –  256MB of RAM only

MINIMUM SPACE FOR INSTALLING THE GAME – 4 GB++ approx but in the compressed version you need only 600 MB free space




DIRECT X – Yes, you need to install direct x9 on your desktop or laptop 

Note: this all system requirement is not experimental values from me.


what is the recommended system requirements for playing transformers the game in pc

RAM IN PC  –  512 MB and ++++

SPACE FOR INSTALLING THE GAME – 4GB ++++ but in the compressed version you need 600 MB only 

BEST OPERATING SYSTEM FOR THIS GAME  – windows 10 home, windows 7 ultimate sp1, Windows 8, Windows XP

PROCESSOR [ CPU ] – INTEL PROCESSOR – Pentium 4 2.0GHz and any other which is higher than this processor like Pentium Intel dual-core, Intel i7, Intel i3].  AMD PROCESSOR –  Athlon XP 2400 and any other higher processor than Athlon XP 2400.

GRAPHICS CARD [ VIDEO CARD ] – GeForce 9300 GE or any other higher than GeForce 9300 GE

DIRECT X- Must install directX9 in pc.


Related Question about Transformers the Game PC

Q. How much time will take for download this transformer the game in pc?

Ans -time will depend on some factors like internet speed, size of the game file and so on. the size of transformers the game is 150 MB in compressed size, so 10-40 minutes average time taking for downloading the file if you have 200KB/s internet speed .if you have slow internet, you need to wait for some time.

Q. can we play transformers the game smooth on my pc?

Ans – it’s not easy to tell you that this game will run smoothly on your computer or laptop .in order to play smoothly you need minimum specification requirements. so first check the minimum system requirements for playing transformers the game in pc.

Q. How we solve the problem if we getting any error after launching transformers the game?

Q. How can we change robot into a car inside the Transformers The Game?

Ans – if you want to change robot into a car inside the game then just scroll mouse wheel in down side and once you will do that the robot will get changed into the car and if you want to get back robot then just again scroll wheel of the mouse in the upper side.

Q. can we drive a car inside the game?

yes, you can drive the car by transforming the robot into a car and if you again want to get robot only then just scroll mouse wheel in the downside.

Q. what is the size of this transformers the game after installing?

Ans – approx 584MB is the size of the transformer the game after installing. so before installing this game, you will need minimum 600 MB space required in any disk where you are installing the game.

Q. can we play this game in Xbox 360?

Ans – yes you can play this game on Xbox 360 but you need to purchase the DVD of Transformers the game.

Q. How to download transformers the game for pc?

Ans – click here and watch the video guide for downloading transformer the game for pc in 158 MB.

transformers the game download for pc but how?

  • Follow our all steps.
  • click on game download option which is given below.
  • Watch our video guide and download your game as per my video.


File details

transformers the game download size is = 158 MB

 if you want to get the direct download link of transformers the game then check youtube video description after opening our video guide. Or if you want to know how to download and play transformers the game then continue watching that video tutorial.


Game Download

After clicking on download button- first, watch the video and follow steps to download transformers the game for pc



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  1. Kaustubh June 9, 2018 | Reply

    Bro yein website jo tumne batai hein ab game to download ho chuka per game run nahi kar pa raha hai aur program bhi nahi ho raha hai..

    • Pro dunia July 5, 2018 | Reply

      bro watch my game video and follow every steps and download transformer game or gta 5 .

  2. d August 4, 2018 | Reply

    Cheats are not activating in this game

    • Pro dunia August 11, 2018 | Reply

      you are activating cheats with the wrong method, you need to do like this…Given below.

      see Example How to activate cheats in transformer the game.
      At the menu with the “Campaign”, “Bonus”, and “Options” selections, press Down, Up, Left, Right(3), Up, Down to unlock all missions, If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash.

    • Pro dunia September 12, 2018 | Reply

      no any password is required for this game.

  3. ashu September 27, 2018 | Reply

    it is full version

  4. jersiy October 22, 2018 | Reply

    how to downlod transformers the game

  5. sanskar February 26, 2019 | Reply

    password is required to extract the from winrar,what is the password of this game.

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