mafia game – best for pc game

mafia game – best for pc game – mafia pc game is the best open world game for a personal computer or laptop and for any other platform. the developer of mafia game is Illusion Softworks and published by  Gathering of Developers. it is based on the real-life world and it can be also called as a simple type open world action games. The release date of mafia game is 2002  that means this game is very old.

mafia pc game is eligible for playing on low pc specification computer no need of high-end pc you can easily able to play without facing any problem but except mafia 3 game. the size of the mafia game pc is approx 1.18 GB in the compressed size. so it is in the category of highly compressed pc games and the official game size of the mafia 2, mafia 3 pc game is approx 5.57GB, 18.7GB respectively. You can download a full version of the game from any pc gaming websites without purchasing from shopping websites. Now mafia pc game is also available on some other platforms like the PlayStation, Xbox, Mac etc. in order to play this mafia pc game on your ps4, Xbox one you need to buy this game from any online shopping websites. the mafia 3 video game is better than mafia 1 and mafia 2 because the graphics, textures, and controls of the Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 are not likely to be real but in mafia 3 game somethings looking like the real world. so if you want to buy mafia game then buy mafia 3 games rather than mafia 1, 2. 

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how to buy mafia game for a personal computer or laptop

You need to go to any shopping website for buying this mafia series games, if you have money then just buy otherwise don’t buy direct download mafia series game from any gaming website. there are a lot of gaming sites which gives you the file of mafia game so go there and download it.

most of the time many people going to download mafia game but when they install it in pc going to run on pc then sometimes error where comes. so I have the best method to play mafia game and any other game without facing any type of problem just Uninstall or remove windows that you have, then install Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1 + install some drivers important drivers from the internet in your computer the effect of installing windows 7 ultimate sp1 in your computer most of the games will run comfortably without error.

Another method to solve gaming issue by buying Windows 10 Home Original Version otherwise if you have already Windows 10  then just install it on your computer. This will allow you to run a lot of games on your computer and install all the drivers that are there on your computer because drivers help a lot Do any games to run.

the collection of mafia game images HD 

here is the collection of photos of mafia 1 game

mafia game


mafia game - best for pc game


mafia game pc

minimum requirements system information for playing mafia game in pc

here is the minimum requirements system information for playing the mafia pc game

  • RAM – 128 MB ++
  • operating system – windows, windows 200, Windows XP
  • minimum storage of Any disk  – 2GB storage space only
  • the graphics card in pc – 16 MB with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers
  • Processor [ CPU ] – any low type computer processor in your computer like – Athlon XP 1600++ / Pentium III 500MHz/


minimum requirements system information for playing Mafia 2 game in pc

  • RAM – 1.5 GB
  • operating system – windows 7, windows vista, and Windows XP
  • minimum storage of Any disk  – 8-10 GB
  • the graphics card in pc [GPU ] – GPU is  Nvidia GeForce  / ATI HD2600 Pro OR any better
  • Processor [ CPU ] – Pentium D 3GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (Dual core)


minimum requirements system information for playing mafia 3 game in pc

  • RAM – 6 -to 8 GB
  • Operating system –  windows like windows 7, windows vista, and Windows XP, Windows 10 Windows 8.1 window 8
  • minimum storage- 51 GB
  • the graphics card in pc – 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD7870.
  • Processor [ CPU ] – Intel I5- 2500K //  AMD FX-8120


How to install and download mafia game on a personal computer or laptop

click here to see video – how to download and install mafia 1 game for pc


Related question about mafia game pc? 

Q.1 which operating system is best for playing mafia 1, Mafia 2, Mafia 3 game on the computer?

Ans – windows 10

Q.2 if we getting some error while starting mafia game then what we do after that?

Ans – just install windows 10 home otherwise install windows 7 ultimate sp1  …because this is the best operating system for games .but if you want to solve your current error then you can solve current error by searching on YouTube of that error and it is good but very difficult work for every normal gamer.

Q.3 What is the full version game size of Mafia 1 Game, Mafia 2 Game, Mafia 3 Game?

Ans – mafia 1 game size = 1.18 GB full version with highly compressed ,mafia 2 size = 5 GB approx but compressed full version size is only 2.87 GB , mafia 3 size = 19 GB approx

Q.4 how we check — mafia game will run on my pc or not?

Ans – – just check minimum system requirements for playing mafia pc game. if you don’ t know more about that then type this keyword on google and search – Can I Run Mafia game on pc ” after that open the first website then just click on can I run it. now automatically a software will download so just download and install it on your computer. Now Again click on a button can I run it once you clicked on it.
now you are eligible for playing mafia game on your computer when green tick will appear and giving a message – Congratulations, your computer passes the minimum specification, otherwise, a red tick will appear on that website page.

Q.5 From where we can download mafia 1, mafia 2, mafia 3 game for free?

Ans – just visit – the tnhindi blog for download mafia series game otherwise visit another website like oceanofgames , apunkangames


Mafia 1 Game size – 1.18 GB which is highly compressed + Full version game


Download Mafia 1Game 

Click on download Mafia game option ,then watch a video tutorial, follow all steps and download the game .

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