igi 1 trainer download for unlimited health and ammo

igi 1 trainer download for unlimited health and ammo – if you want to play IGI 1 game with more fun, unlimited all things then you can download IGI 1 trainer for unlimited health and ammo.

What is IGI 1 trainer 

igi 1 trainer download for unlimited health and ammo

Igi 1 trainer is the software that freezes the health of the player and it also freezes amino and never ends bullets, the result of freezing health and amino, health not affected by bullets and never ends bullets if the player uses a gun ( means You can shoot an unlimited bullet without any tension)

Now in order to start the trainer, nothing you need to do, direct open igi 1 trainer.exe and left as it is. 

These all keys of pc keyboard helps you for getting anything as per your choice. You need to just press one time while playing the game and after that, you can play IGI 1 game without any tension about health and Gun bullet.

F9  —– it is the button of the keyboard when you press this button, the health of the player will get freezes and never you will die.

F10 —- it is the keyboard button when you press this key then amino will never end and then we can shoot unlimited with the help of gun

F11 —- It is the button of the keyboard when you press this button. you can shoot by gun unlimited without reloading bullets.

F12 —- It is the button of the keyboard, when you pressing this button, all things are back to normal inside the game.

How we can get unlimited health and ammo in IGI 1 Game by igi 1 trainer

  1. In order to get unlimited ammo and unlimited health you need to download IGI 1 trainer software and after downloading no need to install.
  2. Now directly open IGI 1 trainer.
  3. Now start IGI 1 Game in laptop or desktop.
  4. if you want to get unlimited health then you need to press F9 button on the keyboard.
  5. Now if you want to get unlimited amino, just press F10 button on the keyboard while playing IGI 1 game.
  6. Now just see in your game, health, and ammo froze or not. Wow , It’s working. 
  7. Enjoy 🙋‍🙋‍🙋‍

Advantage of using igi 1 trainer while playing the game

Most of the gamer says, some missions of IGI 1 game is the little bit harder, so the advantage of using trainer is, you can complete any missions without any fear from the enemy.

Question answer related to IGI 1 trainer

Q .what is the size of the IGI1 trainer software?

Answer – 136 KB

Q. it will work on my laptop or on my computer?

Answer – yes, this trainer works.

Q. we need to put trainer setup inside the  IGI 1 Main folder?

Answer – no, you need to just open that trainer from anywhere, it is not compulsory that you have to put in the main folder of igi 1 game.

Q. this trainer is working on IGI 2 game while playing IGI 2 game?

Answer – no, this trainer only works on igi 1 game.

File information before downloading IGI 1 trainer 

IGI 1 trainer download setup size = 136 KB only

Download IGI1 trainer

When you click on This button, you have to watch our video guide, follow all steps and download IGI 1 trainer


Direct Download IGI 1 trainer

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