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GTA Vice city trainer download for pc

GTA Vice city trainer download for pc – ultimate + Free with keys.dat file – Download GTA VC trainer free for windows xp/8/10 ( desktop+laptop).A link provided here, you can easily download and install GTA Vice city trainer if you will download from here.

GTA Vice city trainer – ultimate trainer – No error, Easy install

GTA vice city trainer means it is a software which is used for getting extra control inside the game. Generally, inside GTA vice city, you can drive, you can roam in the whole world without unlimited health, without unlimited Guns and weapons, etc. So when you will use GTA vice city trainer, then extra control will come inside the game, simply press unique keyboard buttons and get those things which you want. For example, if you need unlimited health, unlimited ammo, no wanted level, etc, then simply press a unique button on the keyboard to activate that effect. Now after activating that effect, you never die inside the game, you can shoot police or anybody or you can do anything without any fear. Many effects are present in this trainer, it is the best trainer for GTA VC. The effect can be enabled or disable, it is totally up to you which effect do you want to enable or disable.so you disable or enable selected effects. In the setting of GTA VC trainer, at the right side, For every effect, there is a unique keyboard button for that. You can use keyboard buttons for activating any effects.

GTA vice city trainer

Q.Where I need to put the trainer file?
You need to put trainer file in the game folder but GTA VC launcher name must be like this GTA-vc.exe. Otherwise when you will start GTA VC trainer then an error will come like this – Not in GTA vice folder,gta-vc.exe not found.

Q. GTA vice city trainer keys.dat not found, How to download GTA VC trainer keys.dat?

Ans – No need to download keys.dat because, in a trainer RAR file, keys.dat included.

Q.gta vc trainer.exe file work in my GTA vice city ?

Ans – Yes, definitely it works in GTA vice city game, but must rename game launcher like this – GTA-vc.exe otherwise an error occurs.

Q. how to use gta vice city ultimate trainer?

Answer – simply paste trainer in game folder, run trainer, see all controls in the settings section, then click on start GTA vice city, Now press keyboard buttons and activate effects, enjoy.

How to install GTA vice city trainer

  • Download GTA vice city trainer from download button.
  • After downloading GTA VC trainer, you need to go there, where you downloaded GTA VC trainer.
  • Simply double click on GTA VC trainer – produnia.com and click on extract.
  • Now go inside the folder – GTA VC trainer – produnia.com.
  • Copy GTA Vice city trainer – produnia.exe + keys.dat file and paste it in GTA vice city game folder.
  • [Now Remember] – You need to rename GTA vice city game launcher like this – GTA-vc.exe
  • Now start GTA vice city trainer and see controls of trainer in the settings section.
  • Now click on Start GTA vice city and start the game.
  • Enjoy.

GTA VC trainer file info

File Name GTA vice city Trainer
GTA VC trainer size 932 KB
Platform PC
Path,where we need to put GTA VC trainerInside Game folder
Not in GTA vice folder error coming,how to solverename game launcher like this - gta-vc.exe

download gta vice city trainer for pc free ultimate version


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