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GTA vice City: Definitive Edition PC – 100% Savegame (Story Complete)

From this page, you can download the Story Complete (everything completed) 100% savegame of GTA Vice City: Definitive Edition, which is the latest version of the GTA Vice City PC game.

Overview of 100% savegame

GTA vice City Definitive Edition PC - 100% Savegame
GTA vice city Definitive edition 100% savegame Stats
100% Savegame of GTA Vice city definitive edition

Steps to Put SaveGame File in the SaveGame location

  • Download this file: GTAVCsf2.sav
  • Right-click on GTAVCsf2.sav and click on Copy.
  • Go here: C:\Users\Samrat\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City Definitive Edition
  • Then come to the SaveGames folder.
  • After coming to the savegames folder, paste the file.
  • Done, Open the game, click on Game, then under the load section, click on Boomshine Saigon, then click on confirm to start the game.
  • Enjoy.

File details

  • File name : GTAVCsf2.sav
  • The actual name of Savegame is: Boomshine Saigon
  • File size: 243 KB
  • Type: Savefile
  • Status: 100% story complete.
  • Location where we have to put savegame: Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City Definitive Edition\SaveGames
  • This works only in: GTA Vice City definitive edition.


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