GTA 4 trainer download for unlimited health, money, ammo, etc

From here, you can download PC GTA 4 trainer (pack of cheats) for unlimited health, money, ammo, for Getting all weapons, for no wanted level, etc.

GTA 4 trainer (Pack of cheats with all Official cheats)

GTA 4 Trainer Name: Zolika1351’s Trainer REWRITTEN

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GTA 4 trainer is a software which is used for cheats – getting something unlimited or getting all weapons, for no wanted level. For example, if you want to get unlimited health of players inside the game and if you want to get unlimited money inside the GTA 4 game. You can easily do all things with the help of the trainer. From here you can download a trainer for GTA 4 trainer and do fun in the game.

In Simple words – GTA 4 is a software ( Pack of cheat codes) that gets active by pressing one or two keyboard buttons without typing the exact cheat code of the game.

Zolika1351’s Trainer includes: 


– Waypoint
– Top of Rotterdam Tower
– Platypus from the Intro, south of Liberty City
– All of Niko’s safehouses, Lost MC Clubhouse, Brian’s House, and Luis’ Apartment
– All cutscene interiors from IV, TLAD and TBoGT
– Up to 256 custom teleport locations saved to .ini
– Teleport out of a car instantly if stuck
– Teleport into nearest car
– Teleport to any blip on the radar
– Spawn any car, including addon ones with manual input support
– Spawn cars with peds in them (e.g. Roman’s Taxi, regular cabs, cop cars & helis)
– Recently spawned car models menu
– SuperLOD Cars (vehicle imposters that appear when high up in the air)
– Spawn any ped, including addon ones with manual input support, and even Niko
– Spawn bodyguards, give spawned peds godmode, specific weapons, set them to wander/drive off or stand still, randomize their clothes on spawned
– Give spawned peds any weapon and change their clothes (including hats & glasses) after you’ve already spawned them
– Kill or delete spawned peds
– Clone your player, clones will follow all keypresses at the same time
– Clone your player as a ped, this way they won’t respond to keypresses but will still act like a player (e.g. no ragdoll when shot)
– Change player model to any ped, including addon ones with manual input support
– Change your walkstyle to any animation set, including addon ones with manual input support
– Spawn cars that appeared in story missions (e.g. Roman’s Taxi, Bryce’s Infernus, Vlad’s Blista Compact)

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Gameplay Screenshots After putting Trainer

GTA 4 trainer - Screenshot -5
GTA 4 trainer - Screenshot -1
GTA 4 trainer - Screenshot -2
GTA 4 trainer - Screenshot -3
GTA 4 trainer - Screenshot -4

How to install GTA 4 Trainer

  • Download & Install –  WinRar software.
  • Download GTA 4 trainer from download button. After downloading trainer, you need to go there, where you downloaded trainer.
  • Right click on Trainer file – and click on extract to ZMenuIV_v21.09.02.2.
  • Go inside the folder – ZMenuIV_v21.09.02.2
  • Copy all files . Now go inside the GTA 4 Main game folder.
  • Paste there.
  • Now ,start GTA 4 Game, Press F7 button OR Shift +F7 on keyboard on PC/laptop to start the trainer.

How to use GTA 4 trainer

After installing the trainer, Start GTA 4 Game, Press the F7 button on the keyboard to start the trainer

Default controls for controlling the trainer:

  • F7 – open/close menu
  • Numpas5 – enter menu
  • Numpad0 – exit menu/Go back.
  • Numpad2/8 – scroll
  • Numpad 4/6 – For fast scroll bigger menus and to change options Like this Numpad 4 for – < (left) and Numpad 6 for ->(right)

Other controls for some cheats

  • to move forward through door
  • Middle mouse + WASDQE to fly
  • ; to toggle Unlimited Ammo
  • [ to toggle Never Wanted
  • to resurrect in MP
  • = to toggle collision
  • 0 to toggle Always God Mode
  • M + Numpad 4 to ragdoll
  • M + Numpad 5 to get up from ragdoll
  • M + Numpad 6 to drunk ragdoll
  • M + Numpad 3 to euphoria ragdoll (similar to drunk ragdoll but less drunk)
  • RCTRL + Numpad 1 to fix car
  • RCTRL + Numpad 2 to flip car
  • RCTRL + Numpad 3 to clean car

GTA 4 Trainer file info

Trainer Name Zolika1351’s Trainer REWRITTEN
File Name
GTA 4 trainer size 4.98 MB
This trainer work only in PC, GTA 4 Game
Path, where we need to put GTA 4 trainer ( ZMenuSA.ini, ZMenuSA.asi) Inside Main Game folder.

Download gta 4 trainer for pc from below

Download Now

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    hey, im a laptop user cant use numpad 2 or numpad 8 plss do something

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