GTA 4 100% save game PC – GTA 4 all missions completed save file download (story complete save)

GTA 4 100% save game PCGTA 4 all missions completed save file download (story complete save) – From here you can download 100% complete GTA 4 savegame for pc.

GTA 4 100% save file download

Here is the download page for downloading GTA 4 100% save file of GTA 4 for free. if you are come here for downloading GTA 4 100% save the file, then you completely riched on the right website because here you will 100% get GTA 4 100 save game file for free by direct link. The download button is given to this page. You can also use our installation guide with pictures to put savefile perfectly in GTA 4 savegame dictionary. If you want GTA San Andreas 100% savegame for pc- click here.

Q. What is 100% save file of GTA 4?

GTA 4 save file is a file in which all some details available there. how much mission do you have completed or how many missions you have not completed, etc? When you complete some missions then, that details will save on GTA 4 save file which is located in – Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames. So here if you put 100 % savefile by simply downloading from the internet, and when you restart the game, and when you load the game, then you will see there, all missions got completed. You think again and again, how it’s completed. it is like magic(OMG).

Overview of 100% GTA 4 savegame PC

  • Main Story Missions [COMPLETED].
  • Assassination Missions [COMPLETED].
  • Little Jacob’s Jobs [COMPLETED].
  • Brucie’s Exotic Export [COMPLETED].
  • Brucie’s Street Races [COMPLETED].
  • Stevie’s Text Message Cars [COMPLETED].
  • Most Wanted [COMPLETED].
  • Vigilante [COMPLETED].
  • Friend Special Abilities [COMPLETED].
  • Friend Activities [COMPLETED].
  • Random Pedestrians [COMPLETED].
  • Activities [COMPLETED].
  • Unique Jumps [COMPLETED].
  • Flying Rats [COMPLETED].
  • Game Completed without using cheats.
  • A lot of bonus staff, Lot of money, best guns in inventory,
    Gloves, Cuirass, ammo.
  • Everything unlocked, Finished in 38h.

How to install GTA 4 100% savegame in PC (Desktop or Laptop).

  • You need first WinRar software, Download it from google Or from the header of this website.
  • Now download 100% save file from this page( download button is given below).
  • Go on that place, where you downloaded a 100% save file of GTA 4.
  • Right-click on it and click on extract here.
  • A new file will be generated with the name- SGTA411.
  • Just copy SGTA411& paste it in this location – C:\Users\your-computer-username\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames.
  • Now replace the file if any file already exists.
  • Now all done, close GTA 4 first then start GTA 4 game, and load game file having the name – complete storyline.
  • Click on it and wait.
  • Working, wow…
GTA 4 100% save game PC - GTA 4 all missions completed save file

File information before downloading GTA 4 savegame pc

File NameGTA 4 100% save file pc –
File size51.8 KB
Location,where we need to put 100% savefileDocuments\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames.
This save game work inGTA 4 PC Game

GTA 4 100% save game PC download from below

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