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GTA 4 Savegame PC – 100% (Story complete) + Every missions completed savefile

From here you can download 100% story complete savegame file of GTA 4 PC which you can use for completing all missions of GTA 4 in 1 minute and you can unlock everything in the game. In the same way, you can also download a file in which you will get savefiles of each missions which you can use for skipping any missions. Additionally you can also download the 100% savefiles of GTA 4 – Lost and Damned &  GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Overview of 100% GTA 4 savegame PC

GTA 4 PC- 100% (Story Complete) Savegame file

  • Game Completed without using cheats.
  • Full game progress (Story Completed)
  • A lot of bonus staff, Lot of money, best guns in inventory,
    Gloves, Cuirass, ammo.
  • Everything unlocked & Finished.
GTA 4 PC- 100% Savegame
Stats of GTA 4 PC -100% Savegame

Overview of Each Mission Savefiles

GTA 4 PC - Each mission Savegame

How to Put Savegame file to the savegame location

  • Download 100% savefile from then below button.
  • Now before going to next steps – see this video and do same like the video – Click here
  • Go on that place, where you downloaded a 100% save file of GTA 4. your 100% savegame file will look like this – SGTA411.
  • Right-click on it and click on Copy.
  • Now go to the savegame location of your GTA 4 game and Paste the file.
    • Some Default savegame locations are
      • You can try at this path –
        • C:\Users\Yourusername\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\user_xxxxx000xx000
      • if first savegame location not working for you can paste SGTA411 file at this location:
        • C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SocialClub Emu Saves\GTA IV\0F74F4C4
      • If second is not working for you can try 3rd one –
        • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Profiles\
      • You can also try on – other savegame locations of GTA 4 PC.
  • Now replace the file if any file already exists.
  • All done, restart GTA 4 game, and Load this savegame – complete storyline.
  • Click on it and wait.
  • Enjoy

Note: If savegame locations are not present in your PC when you are going to the path, you can simply fix this problem by playing the GTA 4 game upto 1-2 missions and save the game. After doing this, check the savegame locations again, you will find there.

  • Download & Install – WinRAR.
  • Download Each mission Savegame file.
  • Go there ,where you downaded.
  • Right click on it.
  • Click on – Extract here.
  • Go inside this folder – GTA 4 Savegame PC -After each mission.
  • Choose mission which you want to complete.
  • Let’s take a example – I choosed – 11- Clean Getaway.
  • Go inside the folder of mission – 11- Clean getaway.
  • Rename the file to SGTA400 or SGTA401 or other.
  • Now copy this file – SGTA400 or SGTA401.
  • Paste in the savegame location. Check savegame locations.

File info

100% Savegame file nameSGTA411
File size 1.88 MB
Each Mission Savegame file nameGTA 4 Savegame PC -After each mission.rar
File size4.47 MB
This save game work inGTA 4 PC Game

GTA 4 100% save game PC download from below


GTA 4 Lost and Damned 100% PC SaveFile

GTA 4 – THE BALLAD OF GAY TONY – 100% PC Savegame

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