GTA 3 trainer download for unlimited health,money,ammo,etc

From here, you can download PC GTA 3 trainer for unlimited health, money, ammo, for Getting all weapons, for no wanted level, etc.

GTA 3 trainer (Pack of cheats)

GTA 3 Trainer Name: Ultimate Trainer by LithJoe (for GTA 3 v1.1)

GTA 3 trainer is a software which is used for cheats – getting something unlimited or getting all weapons, for no wanted level. For example, if you want to get unlimited health of players inside the game and if you want to get unlimited money inside the GTA 3 game. You can easily do all things with the help of the trainer. From here you can download a trainer for GTA 3 trainer and do fun in the game.

In Simple words – GTA 3 is a software ( Pack of cheat codes) that gets active by pressing one or two keyboard buttons without typing the exact cheat code of the game.

LithJoe Trainer(Cheats) includes: all weapons, extra money, full health, higher wanted level, no wanted level, tank, destroy all cars, change skin, peds fight each other, all peds attack you, give everyone guns, time advances quicker, very fast game clock, armor, mad weather, sunny weather, cloudy weather, rainy weather, foggy weather, invisible cars, flying cars, improved car handling, gore mode, freeze out of cop car timer, freeze red mission timer, inf health, toggle inf ammo, toggle no police, give all 100 packages, take a screenshot, freeze the game, pass rampage mission, normal health, toggle stop money decreasing, give loads of money, respawn if in water, flip onto wheels, unlock/lock current car doors, car will/not explode, solid granet car, teleporter, garage editor, randomize MP3s on startup.

Q. My GTA 3 Ultimate trainer not working how to fix it?

Answer – Simply Update your GTA 3 game to GTA 3 version 1.1, this trainer works only in GTA 3 -1.1 version.

GTA 3 trainer(cheats) download for unlimited health and money, etc

How to install GTA 3 Trainer

  • Download & Install –  WinRar software.
  • Download GTA 3 trainer from download button.
  • After downloading GTA 3 trainer, you need to go there, where you downloaded trainer.
  • Right click on and click on extract here
  • Go inside the folder – GTA3-Ultimate-Trainer-v3
  • Select GTA3 Ultimate Trainer v3.exe and keys.dat and copy both files.
  • Now go inside the GTA 3 Main game folder.
  • Paste there.
  • Run Trainer ,see controls,then click on start GTA 3.
  • Enjoy.
  • If you are getting this error – Not in GTA3 folder, /MP3/MP3Report.txt not foundSolution – rename game launcher like this – gta3.exe and then put some music mp3 inside mp3 folder and create txt file inside the mp3 folder and rename the text file like this – MP3Report.txt

How to use GTA 3 trainer

  • Just open Trainer , see controls and Start the GTA 3 game. Now if you have to activate some cheats then you can do like this – For example ,if i have to get unlimited money then i will press Tab button +2 button ,once i press the button, some amount of money will get added,do same step for multiple times to get more and more money.
  • if i have to get all wapons , then i will press, TAB +1 keyboard butoon.
  • In the same way you can do for all cheats which are given in the trainer.

GTA 3 Trainer info before downloading

Trainer Name Ultimate Trainer by LithJoe (for GTA 3 v1.1)
File Name GTA 3 Trainer
GTA VC trainer size 177KB
This trainer work only in PC, GTA 3, Version 1.1
Path, where we need to put GTA 3 trainer Inside Main Game folder
if – Not in GTA3 folder, /MP3/MP3Report.txt not found error coming, how to solve rename game launcher like this – gta3.exe and then put some music mp3 inside mp3 folder and create txt file inside the mp3 folder and rename the text file like this – MP3Report.txt

Download gta 3 trainer for pc free ultimate version

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