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GTA 3 SaveGame PC – 100% + Every mission save file

Unlock Liberty City’s full map, world, and all its features instantly with the 100% complete GTA 3 PC save file. You can also use any mission Savefile to skip any missions as well.

When you paste the 100% save file of Grand theft auto 3 game in GTA 3 savegame path, all missions will automatically get completed. In the same way when you paste any mission savefile of GTA 3 in the savegame location, your current mission gets completed and you can start your game from the next mission. You can download the savefile from this page which i am taking about in the upper section.



Q.What is the use of GTA 3 100% savegame for pc?

100% save file of GTA 3 is used for skipping all missions in 1 minute. if any person doesn’t want to complete every mission, then this 100% save file really helpful for those types of people.

Q. What is GTA 3 100% savegame file?

it is the file in which all the game data like – how many missions have you completed, how much money you have, or any other game data are stored in the save file. So if you put 100% or any particular mission savegame file of GTA 3 at this location – Documents\GTA3 User Files. Then all the missions & other things will automatically get completed.

Overview of 100% savegame of GTA 3

  • No cheats used throughout the game.
  • 100 percent completed game ( all missions are done, all side-missions).
  • All challenges, all cars delivered to import/export and crane.
  • All rampage complete, all 100 hidden packages collected, all stunt jumps ).
  • Everything is open in the game including full map.
GTA 3 PC - 100 % Savefile

Overview of Every mission Savefile

GTA 3 PC - Each mission Savegame file

How to Put GTA 3 PC SaveGame file

GTA 3 PC Savefile
  • Right-click on GTA 3 savegame file (example – GTA3sf2.b) and click on copy to copy the file.
  • Go to this location on your PC – Documents\GTA3 User Files.
  • And Paste the file which you copied earlier.
  • Note: Before copying the save files, you can keep your old files to the safer location.
  • All done! , Start the game, Click on load savegame, Load the savegame and enjoy.
  • Download & Install – WinRAR software.
  • Download Mission wise savegame file. ( GTA 3 savegame.rar)
  • Right click on – GTA 3 savegame.rar and click on extract here.
  • Go inside the folder – GTA 3 savegame.
  • choose any mission which you want to skip it.
  • Go inside the mission folder.
  • Copy a file ( File will look like this – GTA3sf2.b).
  • Go at this path – C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\GTA3 User Files.
  • After coming to GTA3 User Files folder. Paste the file.
  • Open game, click on load savegame, load savefile , enjoy.

File info

File NameGTA3sf2.b
File size197 KB
Each mission Save File GTA 3 savegame.rar
File size1.43 MB
Location,where we need to put savefile of GTA 3Documents\GTA3 User Files
This save game work inGTA 3 PC Game only

Download GTA 3 savegame file from below


Note: you need WinRAR to open this file.

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