GTA 3 100% savegame PC – download all mission complete savefile to skip missions

GTA 3 100% savegame PC – download all mission complete savefile to skip missions – When you paste the 100% save file of Grand theft auto 3 game in GTA 3 savegame path, all missions will automatically get completed. From here you can download GTA 3 Save Game Full Completed for pc free.

GTA 3 100% savegame PC – Skip all missions of GTA 3 in 1 minute

I provided the download button at the end of this article, click on it & download 100% save file of GTA 3 Game. Here is GTA 3 100% savegame for pc which is used for skipping all missions of GTA 3. You can skip every mission, everything by simply putting 100% savegame. 100% savegame is not a cheat code, all things have been completed by some person. They simply shared savegame on the internet. After putting 100% save game, no need to do any missions, you can freely roam inside the city, or you can do anything. GTA 3 is an open-world game, so every gamer Does not want to complete every mission when they play first-time GTA 3. At that time only excitement is appearing, so we don’t want to complete every mission, we want to roam inside the city for looking purpose, how is the city, how many types of vehicles are present, etc.

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Q.What is the use of GTA 3 100% savegame for pc?

100% save file of GTA 3 is used for skipping all missions in 1 minute. if any person doesn’t want to complete every mission, then this 100% save file really helpful for those types of people.

Q. What is GTA 3 100% savegame file?

it is the file in which all the game data like – how many missions have you completed, how much money you have, or any other game data are stored in the save file. So if you put 100% or any particular mission savegame file of GTA 3 at this location – Documents\GTA3 User Files. Then all the missions & other things will automatically get completed.

Overview of 100% savegame of GTA 3

  • No cheats used throughout the game.
  • 100 percent completed game ( all missions are done, all side-missions).
  • All challenges, all cars delivered to import/export and crane.
  • All rampage complete, all 100 hidden packages collected, all stunt jumps ).

How to install GTA 3 PC 100% save game ( with picture)

  • Download Winrar software & install it, if you haven’t downloaded or installed.
  • Download the 100% savegame file of GTA 3 from this page.
  • Now Right-click on GTA 3 savegame,& click on extract here.
  • Cut/Copy GTA3sf2.b and paste it at this path – Documents\GTA3 User Files.
  • Note: Before copying the save files, you can keep your old files to the safer location.
  • All done! , Start the game, load savegame 2, and enjoy.
GTA 3 100% savegame PC - download all mission complete savefile to skip missions.

GTA 3 100% savegame file info before download

File Name GTA 3 100% save file pc –
File size 29.4 KB
Platform PC
Location,where we need to put 100% savefile of GTA 3 Documents\GTA3 User Files
This save game work in GTA 3 PC Game

Download GTA 3 100 savegame file from below button


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  1. SAHIL April 29, 2019 | Reply


    • Pro dunia April 29, 2019 | Reply

      you can watch videos on youtube how to complete GTA 3 missions.

  2. gamer May 30, 2019 | Reply

    yar ye gta 3 save file to document me ha he nahig

    • Pro dunia May 31, 2019 | Reply

      ha ji, document me GTA3 User Files folder me hai.wahi per savefile ko paste karna hai.

  3. sunny July 13, 2019 | Reply

    bhai gta 3 cant work

  4. GOD OF WAR September 22, 2021 | Reply

    hey guys its easy to use just go to documents you will see gta 3 user file go in the folder then paste the save game file easy.

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