cricket game download for pc from secure file sharing sites

cricket game download for pc from secure file sharing sites – hey my name is Samrat and today I am giving the list for downloading the best cricket game for pc which can be easily played on your computer or laptop. The list of pc cricket game is given below with some cricket games are not run smoothly on low pc end computers.there are many cricket games so just cricket game download for pc without any type of confusion.

before downloading any games must check system requirements for playing the game.

cricket game download for pc

some cricket game download for pc after watching the video guide from TN Hindi 

    • Ea sports cricket 17 –  Ea sports cricket 17 cricket model computer video game which is released by EA SPORTS which is developed by HB Studios and this video game is available for Windows and PlayStation 2. there is a way to play the match like the real world if you fulfill know all the controls of EA cricket 2007 but overall this game is not totally like the real world but if you want to get best cricket game then I will suggest you please  download don bradman cricket 14, or don bradman 17, don bradman 16 for getting better experience while playing computer Cricket games. there are a lot of things you need to do before playing the game like you have to choose batsman, weather, Players, bating OR bowling, match formate, forecast, pitch condition, difficulty level, and match length and stadium location after tossing the coin. there are a lot of countries can you choose for your team.the stadium is bigger longer and shorter as per location. if you love to play cricket in the night then congrats because there is an option for playing at night inside the game. The size of EA Sports 2007  is 700 MB for PC. Or if you Want to Play in PS4, then it is best if you buy the game from any online shopping websites. While playing the game Indian music was running and due to this Feature, We can enjoy More. size of EA sports cricket 17 – 965 MB.
Watch the video, follow all my steps and download  ea cricket 17 cricket game download for pc


    • EA CRICKET 2005 This Game is a cricket simulation computer game developed by HB Studios. The game is released in the year of 2005 for many platforms windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, The game contains a lot of fun with realistic type graphics which makes best adventure games. there are a lot of choices for choosing the patches, whether, player color and or more things but overall graphics quality inside the game is not better. the animation is not enough for a great experience but inside don Bradman game series there are a lot of animations inside the game and due to this don Bradman series game are at top in the category of cricket games .if you are searching for HD quality cricket game then you can go for downloading don Bradman cricket games.if you want to download and play this EA cricket 2005 game, just Watch a video guide for downloading and installing the game.

Download Game 

Watch the video, follow all my steps and download  ea cricket 2005 cricket game download for pc


    • Don Bradman 14 – This is one of the games from don Bradman cricket game series. here for this game, I will give 7 stars out of 10. This Game is not for low PC end computers in which there is No Graphics card. In order to play in PC you need Minimum  ATI Radeon HD 6670 Graphics card or NVIDIA Geforce GT520 with Min 1GB Memory and as well as you need 2 GB RAM and 2GB free disk space for installation of game as well as you need minimum this type of Processors – Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 or AMD Athlon II X2 250. The compressed size of don Bradman 14 game before downloading is 546 MB only and after installing of game size will be increased up till 1.50 GB. movies and animations for blowing batting are perfect like the real CRICKET match. When the batsman hit the ball, the camera will run so smoothly with the ball. Catching style for all the player is quite more good.there are several high-quality longer pitches which looks very nice.
    • before downloading game must know several things about Don Bradman 14 PC game.

Download Game 

Watch the video, follow all my steps and download don Bradman 14 cricket game download for pc

  • size of don Bradman 14 – 546MB.
  • you can’t play without Xbox and ps4 controller. but if you want to play this game from your keyboard or mouse you need to do somethings change in the setting in the game file.
  • after changing the settings for controlling the game, must see all the control button for playing the game. if you don’t know controls of don Bradman 14 game you can’t play the game.
  • some subscribers ask from me that we follow your all steps, my don Bradman 14 game run good but when I open some other games and want to play by using the keyboard then some controls are not working but previous our all game controls works fine.
  • My Answer – yes you are right, this type of problem will create when we change the control setting for Don Bradman 14. but if you want to remove this type of problem then you need to make control settings as it as like the original control settings for all games but when you change the control setting to original control setting then you can’t control effectively from pc keyboard or laptop keyboard you need to plug Xbox controller or ps4 controller inside the computer .so it is best if you remove new control sysytem and make original control setting inside the desktop or laptop.
  • International Cricket 2010 – This game is so nice game but same like don Bradman games and Here  I will give 9 points out of 10 because it is best from Don Bradman 14 cricket game. wicket side camera view is perfect for playing the game but in other games like EA sports cricket 2005, the only upper view camera is available for playing the game. 

Download link – coming soon 


here I have not selected some cricket games because right now their video guide tutorial is not available but I will give the full list of top 10 cricket games for pc. these all games are old but good.

  1. International Cricket 2010
  2. Ashes Cricket 2009
  3. Ea sports cricket 17
  4. International Cricket Captain 2013
  5. EA sports cricket 2005
  6. Don Bradman Cricket 2014
  7. Brian Lara Cricket 2007
  8. EA cricket 2007
  9. Brian Lara Cricket 2007
  10. Cricket Coach 2014

here are the TOP 10 Cricket games for pc you can download some cricket games from this website after watching the video tutorial and rest all the cricket games are not available in this website but if you want to download rest of cricket games then just search in google.


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