igi 2 game for pc – just play igi 2 covert strike in pc

igi 2 game for pc – just play igi 2 covert strike in pc – this is computer game and if you want to download igi 2 game for pc then read and watch the video tutorial. IGI 2 convert strike game is the next version of igi game series. the first game of project igi series is IGI 1 and the second game is Project IGI 2 and the third game is IGI 3, this is shooting games for pc which is developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Codemasters in 2003. it is first-person shooter game and this igi game series comes in the category of best shooting game. the first game of IGI series is IGI 1 and the Initial release date is 15 December 2000 at that time this game got popular and approx 1 lakhs copies of igi 1 game were sold out. Now if you want to download igi 2 covert strike game for pc then just watch a video, follow steps and download igi 2 game for the computer.

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About project igi 2 game

project igi 2 covert strike game released by Codemasters in 2003 and published by Eidos Interactive. It is the second game of  IGI series .if you want to play igi 2 on your own computer or laptop then you need to click on download button which is given on this page and watch the video tutorial for downloading igi2 game, follow all steps as it is like video and download your project igi 2 game.

the interesting thing about IGI 2 game is direct you can unlock all missions of igi 2  by pressing all buttons Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F9 at once on the main menu. Once you press these buttons at once all the mission of IGI 2 game will get unlocked. the game has 19 single player mission but if you are not interested to complete the mission of igi 2 then you can directly apply button trick to complete all the mission of igi 2 game which I already told you about that.

the graphics of igi 2 is not so great like IGI 1. All mission of IGI 1 is very good if we compare with IGI 2 game and the most important thing are the controls of igi is very easy with great shooting aim.when you want to add more guns and bombs then it is not possible in igi 2 covert strike but in order to take the same type of new guns you need to first throw out first guns but in igi 1 game you will eligible to store a lot of guns and bombs of the same type.

if you will ask from me that which is the best shooting game under 300MB, then I will say you – IGI 1 is the best shooting game under 300MB and this game can easily be played in low pc end computers or laptops.

igi 2 game - just download and play igi 2 convert strike in pc
igi 2 download

New Features in IGI 2 game

  • there are many missions and some new other features are available in the game.
  • you can easily save your game anywhere where your player is currently standing.
  • all the missions are hard or normal but the mission of igi 2 game is harder than project igi 1 game.
  • the new type of sound comes when the alarm gets on. but in project igi1 another type of sound comes which is not similar to Project IGI 2.
  • IGI 2 does not give a better experience while playing.

How to install after download IGI 2 covert strike game

  • First, go to the path where you downloaded igi 2 game file,
  • double-click on igi 2 setup and install it.
  • wait 3-4 minutes until the finish installation.
  • after installation of igi 2 covert strike game.
  • just go to the desktop and then just double-click on igi 2 covert strike game logo to start the game on a computer or laptop.

minimum System requirement for playing this IGI 2 covert strike game in pc 

Minimum RAM – 128 MB must.

Minimum Graphics card means Minimum Video card – 32 MB only

Minimum Space for installing the game – 1.36 GB only

Best operating system ( OS) – Windows 10 home or any other, windows 7 ultimate or any other, Windows XP

Related questions about IGI 2 convert strike game

Q.what is the size of igi 2 covert strike game before downloading?

Ans – 176 MB

Q. which type of computer required for playing this igi 2 covert strike game smoothly?

Ans- any low pc end computer is best for playing this game.

Q.IGI 2 game is best from IGI 1?

Ans- as per opinion IGI 1 is best from IGI 2 covert strike.

Q. How much time required for the installation of the IGI2 for pc?

Ans – approx 3-4 Minutes.

Q. how to download IGI 2 game for pc?

Ans- only you have to first watch a video until the end, follow steps and download igi 2 game for pc.

Q. which is the best shooting game for computers or laptops under 300 MB?

Ans- Igi 1 ,igi 2

Q. for playing igi 2 , we required a graphics card in pc?

Ans- yes you need  minimum  32 MB of  graphics card

Q. From where we can download igi 3 game for pc?

Ans- the are many gaming sites in all over the world but i have my own site so just go to the tnhindi blog and search there in the search box – igi 3 and download your game.

Q.  I have Intel Pentium dual-core processor can I run this igi 2 covert strike game on my computer?

Ans – yes you can run this igi 2 pc game on Pentium dual-core processor computer.

Q. IGI 2 covert Game will run on 2 GB RAM and 128 MB Graphics card?

Ans – yes, bro in your pc this game will easily run without lagging.

Download Game

After clicking on download button- first, watch the video and follow steps to download IGI 2 game for pc 

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