how to get free ssl certificate

how to get free SSL certificate -today we are going to show to stepwise how to get free SSL certificate for the website. Here I will be giving you the best method to get free SSL certificate for any type of website without buying SSL from anywhere. Now there are a lot of websites which gives you SSL certificate but there are a lot of problems you need to face but here I have the best website for applying SSL Certificate on the website.

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now here you have to follow steps to get free SSL certificate OR you can watch the video to know how to get free SSL certificate

  • first you have to search in google SSL FOR FREE then click on the first website which has rank 1.
  • now a new website is opened so there just register on that website by giving email address and password.
  • once you register on that website then get login by giving id and password.
  • now type your domain name ( website address or URL ) and then click on create free SSL certificate and when you click on that option a new windows webpage will open.
  • click on manual verification because manual verification is the best method from those 2 if you want to apply SSL in less time.
  • as soon as you clicked on manual verification then you need to click on manually verify domain.
  • wait till a second,  download both files from here.
  • open a new tab and open your Cpanel, go to file manager and go on domain folder in which you want to apply SSL certificate.
  • make a new folder with a name –  .well-known 
  • Go inside the .well-known folder then make another folder with a name – acme-challenge and go inside the folder and upload both files which you already downloaded recently.
  • after complete this all task just come to the SSL FOR FREE website then check the condition that you uploaded both successfully or not.
  • just download SSL certificate.
  • again go to Cpanel >> SSL/TLS >> Manage SSL sites.
  • Select your domain name in which you want to add SSL certificate and just copy and past all certificate code, private Key, CA bundle and after finishing click on install certificate. 
  • here you can see that SSL certificate will get installed but right now …SSL certification does not appear when you refresh your website. So in order to solve this issue, you need to open your WordPress dashboard then install one plugin called really simple  SSL. then Activate that plugin and go to the setting of this plugin. 
  • Now direct Click on, go ahead Activate SSL.
  • Refresh your website, and see SSL certificate is successfully installed on your website

how to get free SSL certificate —–SEE VIDEO

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