gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc

gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc :This is grand theft auto 5 game which is very nice graphics game for pc .if you are searching the game for a long time gta 5 download for pc free then Make sure Guys you can Able to play GTA 5 after visiting on my this website page.Now someone thinking that what is the size of GTA 5 ? | Guys its original size of the game is approx 59 GB but today I will give you gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc only. This GTA 5 compressed size suitable for all gamer who has no more internet data for download gta 5 in 59Gb > so due to this, I will give you to download GTA 5 compressed file.

gta 5

gta 5 pc

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About GTA 5 Game – gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc

GTA 5 game comes with high graphics, the cars and vehicles, and helicopters and all the vehicles which are in the GTA V game having 4K resolution graphics and in the game company makes better and denser traffic of the cars and vehicles inside the GTA V game, due to this GTA V game looks like totally real. the explosion experience of vehicles are pretty much cool but in the GTA 4 game, the explosion experience is much better than GTA 5. 
the world of the game is bigger as compared to other GTA series game which is launched by Rockstar company. As well as it has more features from the previous GTA games the player can do all the things which can be done in the real world like if you want to jump if you want to run if you want to drive then you can do. In the previous games of GTA you will see on that games, the shooting performance is not likely to be real and when you come from First Release GTA games to GTA 4 then you will Get Shooting Performance enhancing And Finally in GTA 5 shooting quality Gives Better Experience. All the previous games which are released by Rockstar company have low size but when you come in GTA V you will see that 59 GB of its size but here you can download this game in only 36 GB and then when you extract this GTA 5 game then it will get into 59 GB. Now I hope You understand all the things which are given in the Post- gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc

Minimum Requirements Before download and play Gta 5 for pc

Ram – 4GB

Graphics card – Nvidia 1GB ,AMD 1 GB

Processor- i3,i5,i7,Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz

if you want to download and play GTA 5 game in low PC end then it will either not work or maybe lag, so It’s better to play GTA 5, Buy Those PC/laptop in which they have minimum Nvidia 2 GB graphics card, 8GB RAM, and i5 OR i7 processor. And Nowadays This Type of features laptops comes in only 40-60K (Thousands).

So that features of laptop or PC will give better Gaming performance.

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Best Requirements For Playing GTA 5 in PC/laptop

Ram – 8GB

Graphics Card Nvidia – 2-4  GB  Nvidia GeForce GTX

Processor- Intel i7 Or intel i5

So make sure if you have these type of Ram and processors in your pc then you will download GTA 5 otherwise not because it doesn’t run more smoothly on low pc end computers.

gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc but how ?

This is installation instruction of GTA 5.

just follow these steps to install grand theft auto v.

  • Download WINRAR software from Google.
  • once your WINRAR software downloaded directly install it on your PC or laptop.
  • just right click on GTA V file then click on extract here
  • once you will hit on the extract here button the GTA V file will get extracted.
  • Then A new folder is generated as the name “GTA 5 compressed ( 36 GB) ”  so directly go inside the folder then there is two Files 1 is a software called as” BitTorrent ” and second one is the “downloader of GTA V file”.
  • just  install first BitTorrent software into your PC once you installed BitTorrent software into your PC
  • After that direct double click on the second file which is GTA V downloader and clicks on ok.
  • once you’re done it your GTA V will get started for download and it takes time to complete the just wait
  • after 100% complete download Direct Right click on that and then click on ” Open containing folders”. Then a new window will open.
  • Now double click on setup and then install it GTA 5 on your PC.
  • Installation Time takes approx 1-4 Hour so please wait 4 hours.
  • After 100% complete installation of GTA 5  game just double click on the GTA 5 Game launcher to start GTA 5 game .
  •  if you will getting an error while clicking on GTA 5 launcher then see this video–click and do all steps. Now once you completed this all steps, you are ready to play GTA 5 game.

Now Enjoy My Friend by GTA 5 download pc compressed in 36 GB only

File information before gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc

Gta 5 game size = 36 GB 

Gta 5 game size after installing – approx 60 GB

Time required for installing game = approx 4 hours 

gta 5 download compressed in 36gb for pc from the given download link below

Download GTA 5 Game

just click on download button, watch a video and follow steps to download your game 

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