GTA 4 save game location in Windows -PC

Here are the save game locations of GTA 4 Game for Windows PC. For All version of GTA 4 ( like for old version, for new version), Save game location is given here, check below. GTA 4 Save game location depends on your Game Type – Older or new, Pirated/Cracked or

GTA 4 PC size

According to Rockstar Warehouse, GTA 4 PC size ( Complete Edition) = 22GB. The main story starts with ‘Niko Belic’ and his journey starts in Liberty City after he arrives on a cargo ship. The game also has two DLCs – ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’ and ‘The Lost and Damned’.

GTA 5 PC savegame location for Windows PC

GTA 5 PC Savegame location for Windows PC – Here are the savegame locations of GTA 5 PC Game. GTA 5 Savegame location depends on your Game Type – Pirated/Cracked, Original, Original downloaded from Epic, Steam. That’s why below provided 3 savegame locations of GTA 5. Before putting savefile –


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