best gaming laptop – which laptop is best for gaming

best gaming laptop – which laptop is best for gaming – today we are gonna to show you which laptop is best for gaming at cheap price with a slim body design which is best performance laptop. The name of that laptop is HP pavilion power – 15- cb052tx. So let’s Start to read this post – best gaming laptop – which laptop is best for gaming. This is fastest laptop and best for editing and gaming because there are advanced features in this laptop. The ram in the laptop is  8 GB  and you can also increase RAM by adding your specified RAM and graphics Nvidia 4 GB  so due to this it is the best laptop if you want a slim design laptop for gaming and for video editing and for any other purpose. If you want to play only games in the laptop then you can buy another laptop like hp omen because that type of laptop is made especially for gaming so that laptop is the little bit powerful than HP pavilion power – 15- cb052tx. it is best to budget hp laptop and best mid-range gaming laptop in the year of 2018 

best gaming laptop

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From Where We can buy this laptop – HP pavilion power – 15- cb052tx 

I will recommend you please buy this type of laptop offline not online because some shopping website selling at more price than offline price so buy HP Pavilion power – 15- cb052tx laptop offline. I already purchased this laptop offline in 89 thousand with 16 GB of RAM but when I saw the same laptop on Amazon and Flipkart there price is 89 thousand with only 8 GB of RAM. So don’t buy this gaming laptop online, just go in the market and buy from there, I am telling this because money is valuable for everyone, money is coming after doing any type of hard works. I hope you remember these all things.


gaming laptop

best gaming laptop in 83 Thousand – checks some main features

now just see the Full specification of this hp laptop – HP pavilion power – 15- cb052tx 

Graphics Card 4 GB Nvidia GTX 1050 ti + Intel graphics card
Processor Intel core i7 7700 HQ CPU @2.80GHz  bosting up till 3.80GHz
An operating system with laptop windows 10 Home single language
system type 64 bit operating system
touch screen no touch screen with laptop
SSD Drive 128 GB  SSD which is very good
HDD ( Hard Disk Drive )       1 TB
wifi + Bluetooth         Yes
speaker                                 Dual speaker which gives great sound
screen resolution of Laptop Screen       1920 x 1080
Battery Life 1-3 hours on gaming  and 4-5 Hours on normal works
Touchpad  yes with Multi-touch features
Keyboard Light Yes. With green Keyword light, it looking like a premium laptop
Price    83000 RS
Price After adding 8Gb Ram One more 89000 Rs
Total price after all Tax                                                                  83000

laptop HP pavilion power - 15- cb052tx 

So this is the best gaming laptops in the budget of 90 thousand which is good laptops to buy in 83 thousand and it is the best cheap computer or laptop for all works.  I hope you understand all about this Hp laptop and about this post – best gaming laptop – which laptop is best for gaming.

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