best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop

best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop  :  today we are going to show you best gaming laptop 2018 which is cheap gaming laptop you can easily buy without any hesitation  and in all these laptop you are able to play high graphics games like Gta 5, Gta 4, Gta San Andreas ,watch dog 2 ,and much more games. as well as it is affordable gaming laptops means you can easily buy without wasting lot of money .so let’s see the best gaming laptop 2018  

 Top 3 best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop

  1. HP pavilion power – 15- cb052tx

best gaming laptop

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2 .Hp pavilian x360 14Ba078TX  touch laptop with 4GB Nvidia 940MX graphics card

best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop BUY NOW

here you are thinking that what are the  specification of this gaming laptop so see below there hardware specification

 Price –   ₹ 81,000 

Specifications of Hp pavilian x360 14Ba078TX

 Processor –  2.7GHz – 3.6 GHz intel core i7 ,7th generation processor 

 RAM8 GB DDR 4 Ram

 Graphics Card4 GB nvidia geforce  gtx gpu _940 MX ( DDR3 dedicated) 

 Touch Screen Yes this is  touchscreen laptop and convertible to tablets also . 

 Disk space 1TB 5400rpm ( not ssd)

 SSD Drive8 GB only ( you can also enhance SSD disk space 

 Bettery Life -10 hours battery life, but if you play game and any other hard works then this laptop run 3 hours only

 Display screen size– 14-inch screen

Front camera – Yes

 laptop rotation – 360 degree

Touch pen- Yes

Final word for this Hp pavilian x360 14Ba078TX  gaming laptop 

It is best gaming laptop because it comes with 4 GB nvidia Graphics card as well as 8 GB of ram And you can enhance there Ram size upto 12 Gb so due to this you can easily play hard games like Gta 5 Gta 4, watch dog , sleeping dog so from my opinion this good gaming laptops and best budget gaming laptop in 81  thousand  and this laptop can be use for video editing ,gaming as well as it is 360 degree rotatable means you can able to rotate the laptop in 360 degree this features are useful for doing any type of works like when you want to make a tablets form from this laptop then you have to rotate 360 degree then it will get in the shape of tablets and by hand touching or by pen you are easily  able to perform works on laptop .so due to this i will selected for best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop

.HP Omen -12 GB Nvidia Graphics card

best gaming laptop



Price – ₹ 109,990

Specifications of – omen laptop

Processorup to 3.6Ghz i7 7th generation processor

Ram16 GB ( DDR4 RAM )

Graphics card1050ti  12 GB nvidia geforce gtx gpu 

Touch ScreenNo

Front camera – Yes

Battery lifeApprox 3 – 4 Hours on hard works like when we playing game otherwise it Runs 7 – 8 Hours

SSD drive128 GB – So because of this your computer speed is faster because SSD ( solid state drive ) is faster than HDD(Hard disk drive) thus if you copy data from ssd to SSD drive then the copying  speed is faster as compare to  HDD drive . Most of the computer have only HDD drive usual in Old computer .

HDD drive Space1 TB 7200 rpm speed with 128 GB SSD drive as I already tell you.

My Final Word for HP Omen

This laptop gives High FPS when you play any type of games because laptop includes Powerful Processor ,RAM and graphics card as well as ssd drive  and when you play Hard games like Gta 5 then Average FPS is  approx 40-50 and some times 60.this laptop have front camera also means are are able to chat with others as well as you are able to do somethings with the help of camera. As you know this gaming laptop have 7 generation i7 processor which is latest so games don’t lag anytime because of powerful specification __ of 12 GB graphics card+ i7 processor With 16 GB of Ram and i think it is great performance laptop in only 1 lakh 9 thousand rupees. But if you are searching a laptop which has best for gaming and in low price then see the 3rd laptop which is in the post.

So it is best Gaming laptop in the budget of 109,000K. so due to this i will selected for best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop

.HP Pavilion 15t 7th Gen i5-7200U 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 940MX – 8GB RAM

best gaming laptop 2018


Price –₹ 56,494

Specifications of  HP Pavilion15 7th Gen i5-7200U 2GB NVIDIA

Processor – 2.5 GHz 7th Gen intel Core i5

Graphics card-  2 GB nvidia geforce gtx gpu – Graphics card 940 MX 

Touch screenNo

OSWindows 10 

RAM- 8 GB ( expandable upto 16 GB )

HDD( Hard disk space)1 TB 5400 rpm

Screen size– 15.6-inch screen

Hard disk space1 TB

Front CameraHD camera


My Final Word for this best gaming laptop – HP Pavilion 15t 7th Gen i5-7200U 2GB NVIDIA

It is best laptop and number one laptop for gaming in 58 thousand because you can able to play high graphics  games easily  and it is best budget gaming laptop and  affordable gaming laptops within 60 thousand rupees only . you can buy this  HP Pavilion 15t 7th Gen i5-7200U 2GB NVIDIA  model  online and offline both and it is cheap and in low cost laptop which gives high performance specification and when i see this laptop in first time i get shocked after seeing specification under 60 thousand and Guys i search all the laptop which have   60 thousand price  but no any laptop have this features like this  .So due to better performance i will selected for best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptop

if you want to download some games like gta 5 ,gta 4 then- click here

 So it is the Top 3 best gaming laptop 2018-cheap gaming laptops 

My Final Conclusion

If you have less money then buy third laptop –HP Pavilion 15-AU624TX 

if you have more money then Buy HP – Omen otherwise if your budgets under 90 thousand then chose this 1 laptop- Hp pavilian x360 14Ba078TX  touch laptop with 4GB Nvidia 940MX graphics card

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  1. Talha July 30, 2018 | Reply

    Best gaming laptop at price rs40000 please tell me fast

    • Pro dunia August 9, 2018 | Reply

      for which purpose –Gaming work, normal work, Or any other works

    • Kallesha April 30, 2019 | Reply

      The best and cheap laptop for gaming is Lenovo ideapad 330,compared to HP.

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